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Bicycle Repair

Val's Check Over
Check the following to be in usable condition
    - Brakes
    - Headset
    - Hubs
    - Tire Pressure
    - Pedals and Cranks
    - Shifting
Recommendations for replacements will be made from this Check Over.
  Adjustments and replacements are not included in this price.
* Parts not included in price                                    
Val's Original Tune Up                                  
o    Brake and Shifting Adjustments
o    Truing and Tensioning of Wheels
o    Service any Loose Bearings on:
    - Front and Rear Hubs
    - Headset
    - Bottom Bracket
o    Lubrication of:
    - Cables and other pivot points
    - Chain and Freewheel
o Frame Wipe Down                            
** Grease Injection - Hubs, Headset, Bottom Bracket
*** Excessive Cleaning is Extra                                                                                                  
o   Thorough Drive Train Cleaning
o   Frame, Fork and Wheel Cleaning
o    Includes Labor for Chain and Cassette replacement if needed
* Parts not included in price                                   
Val's Overhaul
An overhaul is a complete disassembly of the bicycle.
The bicycle is cleaned and rebuilt professionally with new grease
and bearings where possible.
*An estimate will be given per unit
New Bike Purchase
o Professional assembly and set up
o FREE 30 day check up (Safety check with derailleur and brake adjustments)
o FREE labor on installation of accessories purchased with the bicycle
Other Repair Options
~Assemble Bike in box                                  
~Box Bike                                                      
~Adjust Shifting                           
~Adjust Brakes                
~Adjust Hubs                             
~Adjust Headset                          
~Adjust Bottom Bracket                 
~Replace Cassette-Wheel Only     
                           - On Bike           
~Replace Chain                                              
~Replace Cassette and Chain      
~True Wheel                                                           
~Spokes Install                       
~Tire Change                           
~Install Tube                     
~Install Derailleurs               
~Install Brakes Pads
    Disc pads        
    Caliper pads                     
    True Rotor                         
~Install Brakes
    Disc Mechanical      
    Disc Hydraulic        
~Install Headset               
~Install Bottom Bracket   
~Install New Fork            
~Overhaul Hub - Front   
                       - Rear   
~Overhaul Headset       
~Overhaul Bottom Bracket   
~Cut Handlebars       
Detail Clean Bike                             
Flood or Extra Dirty bikes ask for Quote