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Val's Cyclery Workshop

Suspension Service
ForkRear ShockDropper Seat Post
50 hour Lower Leg Service (dust seals, air spring seals, lube/oil)50 hour Air Can Service (replace seals, lube/oil)50 hour Service (dust seals, lube/oil)
Labor $60Labor $40Labor $40
Shop lube/oil $5.00-$10.00Shop lube/oil $2.00Shop lube/oil $2.00
Seal kit ($20-$50) averageSeal kit ($17-$50) averageSeal kit ($30-$40) average
Total Estimate $85-$120Total Estimate $59-$92Total Estimate $72-$82
Damper service and certain dropper seat posts will need to be sent out, manufacturer prices will vary

Labor Rates
General Tune up$88.00
box bike$50.00$70.00
Adj Shifting$14.00$18.00
Adj Brakes$14.00$18.00
Adj Hubs$10.00$20.00
Adj Headset$10.00$15.00
Adj Bottom Bracket$10.00$20.00
Replace Cassette$5 Wheel on$10 on bike
Replace chain$10.00$15.00
replace chain and cassette$15.00$20.00
true wheel$14.00$20.00
spokes installed$10.00$20.00
tire change$5.00$15.00
Install Tube$5.00$15.00
Install Derailur$14.00$20.00
detail clean bike$30.00$50.00
Install Disc pads$5.00$10.00
install Caliper pads$5.00$10.00
True rotor$5.00$10.00
Install brakes
Disc mechanical$10.00
disc hydraulic$30.00$50.00
Bleed Brakes$30.00$50.00
Install headset$10.00$20.00
Overhaul headset$10.00$20.00
Bottom Bracket
install bottom bracket$20.00$25.00
Overhaul Bottom Bracket$20.00$25.00
Install New fork$20.00$30.00
Overhaul hub (front)$12.00$18.00
Overhaul hub (rear)$18.00$24.00
Extract/Press in hub bearings$20.00$30.00
Cut handlebars$10.00
We only repair certain brands of Ebikes please contact us to know if your Ebike is one we will service. We do service all Specialized Ebikes, Marin Ebikes, Sun Ebikes, Giant Ebikes and many more, WE DO NOT INSTALL OR SERVICE EBIKE ADD ON KITS.